Dynamic Menus on a Drupal Site

Drupal is one of the best tools I have ever used in web site building.  When you get to the level of trying to build a site with no code, Drupal is about as good as it gets.  Once you reach the point where you can't do something without coding it, you can always step back and look at the solution again.  Maybe you can find a solution or maybe you can craft a new module to do what you need.  Either way Drupal makes it easy.  

Codeigniter 3.0 Release Candidate

Today the BCIT(Britich Columbia Intitute of Technology) has annouced the immediate avaialbe of Codeigniter version 3.0.  This is a very long awaited release by all in the CI community.  I am very excited and can't wait for the full release to come out.

Windows 10 Please Steal The Good Stuff

This weeks rage of news is all around the introduction of the Windows 10 release.  After many years of Microsoft creating a complete mess of their operating system, I think they might be on the right track.  I think Nadella has the right direction for the company, go back to your roots!!!  I am referring to, if you can not innovate....steal.  Now I do not necessarily mean that in a bad way, since Microsoft got it's start that way.  

I am excited to see what will be coming with this version and hope they pick all the right items to incorporate.  Here is what I hope they steal!!!

Windows 9 - Suck +1

I have just seen reports that Microsoft is going to release Windows 9 soon.  The annoucement is expected to be on Sept 30th.  I want to say I can't belive it but, I can't belive it.  I really hope that they will fix all the stupid shit they have done in the last few years, one can only hope.  

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Really...Everyone Else Does

A long time ago back in Micosoft SQL server 6 there was one issue that really bugged the living crap out of me.  You could not rename a column name.  Now why this was I have no idea except there was some lazy programmer who decided this was too much work.  Then the heridad day came when version 7 came a long and that was gone.  All RDMS systems were now basically functionally equal.  I have now found the one item that make me sad and angry all in one thought.

Microsoft Courts Open Source...Again

Welcome to the 21st century again Microsoft.   lets see if you can actually do it this time!!

Stupid GUI Mistake

Why the hell would you do something like this????

There Are Warm Bodies at Microsoft

Microsoft is still dead but Microsoft's getting warmer